Medium Density FiberBoard (MDF)

MDF is made from wood fibers obtained from small diameter & especially selected logs or lops and tops of wood. These fibers are then mixed with synthetic resins and shaped and compressed by a continuous press under high temperature and pressure. The computerized process makes a high quality compact and dry product which is uniform, strong, and dimensionally stable as also even in thickness.
MDF Calculator

Laminate Flooring

The secret of unique durability and extreme resistance to abrasion & wear is mainly in the surface material - a unique multilayer composite. This is a construction that doesn't fade in the sun light and won’t bear the marks of dropped cigarettes, tea, coffee and certain household chemicals. The high density of its core material resists indentation from heavy furniture. Bottom layer is provided to make a balanced construction which also works as a barrier to moisture. Our product is favored not only because of its exceptional functionality but also for its aesthetics which enhances your interior.

Melamine faced Chipboard (MFC) & Melamine faced MDF (MFM)

Melamine impregnated décor paper is pressed onto chipboard or MDF to provide decorative surfaces. Melamine provides desired level of scratch and abrasion resistance as well as it works as a binder. The material is available in various internationally running decors.

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